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English Institute China  provide one-to-one and group IELTS courses, English Accent courses, Business English and English language training in China, Hong Kong, Australia and online.

English Institute China assists individuals to speak English more clearly, helping them to communicate more effectively with English speakers for business, work and social purposes.



  • – English Accent course
  • – Business English course
  • – Business English Immersion course
  • – IELTS 2 week courses
  • – IELTS Speaking course
  • – IELTS Writing course


  • – Shanghai
  • – Beijing
  • – Tianjin
  • – Zhengzhou
  • – Hangzhou
  • – Guangzhou
  • – Chengdu
  • – Nanjing
  • – Shenzhen
  • – Suzhou
  • – Xian
  • – Kaifeng
  • – Hong Kong
  • – Stay & Study in Brisbane, Australia











quote  Overall, my English communication is now clearer and easier for people to understand.  THE OUTCOME OF MY ENGLISH ACCENT COURSE IS OUTSTANDING AND I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.”

   (Mr Liu, China)


quoteI really loved the course, it was really helpful.   This is the best course I have ever done”  (Mr Cheng, Senior Manager, China)

quoteI learned a lot during my 12 weeks’ English accent course for Chinese speakers, and my communication skills have improved significantly! I would definitely strongly recommend this course to anyone whose first language is not English and are struggling to improve their skills.” (Jia, Engineer, China)
quoteIt has been very nice to learn from you over the last few months.  I certainly do feel more confident in speaking now and I think the course if very helpful.”   (Mr Wang, Geologist, China)

quoteBefore this English accent course for Chinese speakers I didn’t know how to speak properly.  Here, I have received the guidance I needed.  I found the root of my accent problem and I have been given support to help me solve the issues.  I am glad that I made the decision to take this course, it made a huge impact on the way I speak English.  Thank you.” (Mr Wang, Accountant, China)

quoteIt was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.  The course helped me to gain confidence in improving my English accent.  I believe it provides me a tool to continually improve my English accent for the rest of my life.  I really enjoyed the whole course and appreciated the teacher’s kindness, patience and encouragement during the course.  It’s flexibility was suitable for my busy schedule and by attending to the constructive weekly assignments, it showed me a new angle to understand English.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their English accent.” (Mrs Lin, Accountant, China)

quoteThank you very much for encouraging me and guiding me throughout the course. I have learned a lot of skills and I feel my awareness of English communication has now reached a new level. I will continue to apply the skills I have learned in my daily life.” (Li, Accountant, China)

quoteA very pleasant experience.”  (Min, China)

quoteIt doesn’t just improve your language, it also changes the way you look at your job.”   (Ms Choi, Accountant, China)

quoteI am a nurse who has studied in Australia for 6 years and still I found it was very difficult to pass the IELT’s test.    I have actually struggled after trying three times, particularly with my writing.  But after receiving my lessons, my writing skills have improved dramatically. Compared with my old pieces of writing, it is now making more sense and the structure and content are more clearly outlined.  I am looking forward to doing more study with this institute.” (Xin, Nurse, China)
quoteI just got my IELTS result.   I finally got 7 for speaking.  Thank you so much.   I was so lucky to meet you.”  (Lynn, China) 

quoteI am writing to inform you that I obtained a band score of 8 in the writing section in the IELTS test.  Before this IELTS Writing course I got a band score of 6 in the last two IELTS writing tests. I needed a band score of minimum 7 in the IELTS test for my professional registration, and now I have an 8.  Thank you for your help”.  (Ms Tan, China)