English Accent course for Chinese speakers

Common questions and answers


Here are the answers to some common questions about the Accent Reduction / accent modification course.


What is an accent?

An accent is the way in which a language is pronounced.  A person’s accent depends on many factors, but can classified as regional or foreign.  A regional accent is determined by where the person lives and what social groups they belong to. People who live in close contact grow to share a way of speaking, or accent, which will differ from the way other groups in other places speak.


How do accents affect communication?

However, having an accent may cause some difficulties in communicating with other native speakers.  For example, when a person has trouble pronouncing some of the sounds of a second language they may not be very accurate and may not sound right to native speakers of the language.  This can make it difficult for the listener to understand.


Ineffective communication due to a strong accent may create barriers in business, have negative effects on job performance, cause missed job opportunities, affect educational advancement and everyday life activities. It may also affect your self esteem and self confidence.  It is for these reasons that some people decide to modify or learn how to change their accent.


What improvement can I expect from completing this course?

We carry out a comparison test of your skills from assessments completed at the beginning and the end of your course.  The results are then compared so the extent of your improvement can be determined.

Analysis shows that a student who attends all the appropriate sessions and practices as directed in their homework program, can expect to experience at least a 50% change in their accent.

Some people are achieving much higher results.  For example, these are some of the improvements students have achieved:-

Takeshima (Japan) 80%

Mrs Zhang (China) 74%

Emad (Iraq) 83%

Jose (Venezuela) 72%

Dr C (Iran) 78%


How does the Accent Reduction program work?

Accent reduction training (or accent modification training) is very different from learning English grammar and vocabulary.  An accent reduction program focuses on specific language pronunciation skills that influence your ability to communicate clearly.   You will work on speech patterns and habits of your English pronunciation that affect other people’s ability to understand you.


First you will complete an Accent Evaluation.  A program will then be designed to meet your individual accent reduction needs.      Training sessions are then conducted according to your location, preferences and job related requirements.



Can I do the training after work or on weekends?

The answer is yes.     Our training sessions are designed to meet the needs and time constraints of our clients.


To enable everyone to access this course, we offer it –

– face-to-face in every capital city in Australia (Monday to Friday during business hours only)

– flexible training via webcam (anytime)

– training by phone (anytime)


The flexibility of our custom-designed courses means that people who want to train in the privacy of their own home or office, can do so.    This means you can access our Accent Reduction program from anywhere around the world.


Both individual and small group training is available.  Sessions can also be conducted on-site at your workplace.


We also offer intensive one or two day training sessions.



How many accent modification sessions will I need?

Often clients will see improvements after 6 sessions.  Most accent modification clients enrol in a 12 session program.



How do the coaching sessions work?

After you book and pay for your course, we will organise your coaching sessions.   These can be held at a time to suit you.    7 week courses includes 6 x one hour coaching sessions, held weekly.   13 week course – 12 x one hour coaching sessions held weekly.   These sessions are held at a time to suit you.     If you choose to have face-to-face sessions, these are held in our training room in the city.   If you choose to have flexible sessions via webcam, these can be held at any time (including after hours and weekends) and you will need to have access to a computer for these training sessions.



How will I know what to practice between sessions?

The amount of practice you do is vital to your success.  To modify your accent takes hard work and dedication and cannot be done in the class alone.   To achieve the greatest possible improvement, you must practice outside of class using the accent modification material you will be provided.


Our program is well structured and each week you will receive all the information you will need to practice between coaching sessions.



When can I start?

You can start this course at any time.  Simply specify the date you would like to start and we can organise that for you.  (subject to availability)



How can I begin an accent modification program?

If you want to start this course, please book online!

What Our Students Say

Before the course I always thought my English pronunciation was good and my accent was standard as well.  When I attended the first lesson I got to know I had made so many fatal errors reading many high frequency words and key sounds in daily conversations. As the course went on I managed to notice how others speak in daily talks and how to speak the key components when I talked. The course was definitely useful to help me find out the problems I have had for ages and how to correct them, as well as building my confidence . I hope the course gets known by more and more people who are struggling to improve spoken English. (Mr Peng, Engineer, China)

“It doesn’t just improve your language, it also changes the way you look at your job.”   (Ms Choi, Accountant, China)

“It was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.  The course helped me to gain confidence in improving my English accent.  I believe it provides me a tool to continually improve my English accent for the rest of my life.  I really enjoyed the whole course and appreciated the teacher’s kindness, patience and encouragement during the course.  It’s flexibility was suitable for my busy schedule and by attending to the constructive weekly assignments, it showed me a new angle to understand English.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their English accent.” (Mrs Lin, Accountant, China)

“Before this course I didn’t know how to speak properly.  Here, I have received the guidance I needed.  I found the root of my accent problem and I have been given support to help me solve the issues.  I am glad that I made the decision to take this course, it made a huge impact on the way I speak English.  Thank you.” (Mr Wang, Accountant, China)

“I learned a lot during my 12 weeks’ pronunciation course, and my communication skills have improved significantly! I would definitely strongly recommend this course to anyone whose first language is not english and are struggling to improve their skills.” (Jia, Engineer, China)”