Business English Immersion Course details

Business English Immersion Course details


The aim of this intensive Business English immersion course is to improve participants’ communication skills, assisting them to communicate more effectively when dealing with Australian colleagues or clients, or within global English speaking environments.



– small group custom designed training (maximum per group 6)
– industry specific content
– improves self confidence
– local industry site visits (optional)
– networking opportunities
– 100% English immersion

The course is custom designed to meet the needs of participants.  A detailed study needs assessment is conducted for each participant before arrival.



Participants will learn how to:-

– improve their Business English language and pronunciation skills
– speak clearly on the telephone
– conduct effective oral presentations in English
– negotiate, avoid misunderstanding and resolve conflict in English
– understand Australian business culture
– effectively communicate inter culturally
– interact and network with professionals from all over the world



Intermediate to Advanced English skills



Depending on your needs, topics can include the following:-



Australian Workplace Culture

Australian Workplace Culture explores Australian workplace values, attitudes and behaviour in the workplace.


Business Letter writing

Learn the structure and layout of business letters. Practice and develop your skills to produce business letters relevant to your profession.


Business Vocabulary

Extend vocabulary for the business environment. Learn the vocabulary which is specific to your particular industry.


Business Writing

Learn how to construct business letters, emails or business reports.


Grammar review

Receive an assessment of your writing with a particular focus on grammar. Practice problem areas to improve your overall English writing skills


Idiomatic & Slang language

Develop your vocabulary for informal communication, common expressions in the workplace and Australian slang.


Intercultural Communication

Participants will explore the elements of culture and cultural diversity.  By understanding cultural difference, participants will develop their cultural awareness and learn how to implement approaches that create positive results between individuals, teams and within organisations.



Learn functional language and protocol for your workplace; Develop techniques to participate effectively in workplace meetings.

Non-verbal Language

Learn about the impact of non-verbal communication on the message; body language, facial expressions.

Oral presentations

Learn techniques and phrases for giving effective oral presentations. Practise and deliver an oral presentation according to your specific profession and receive personalized feedback.


Receive a detailed assessment of your individual pronunciation problems. Learn about and develop strategies to improve your English pronunciation.

Social language for the workplace

Learn how to create successful relationships at work through casual conversation and small talk.

Telephone communication

Develop skills to communicate on the telephone in the workplace. Learn how to initiate, maintain and close calls, use the appropriate tone and deal with miscommunication.




Two week courseParticipants arrive on Sunday and depart on Saturday.

The course includes 25 hours of lessons per week conducted from Monday to Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays are free (excursions can be arranged on request)



Participants can choose from the following options:-

– Homestay accommodation.  To maximise English learning opportunities, each participant can enjoy homestay accommodation with an Australian family.  Two meals per day whilst at the homestay accommodation are included.

– Private room in city hotel.

– Participants can choose to organise their own accommodation and meals.

– Morning and afternoon tea are provided to participants from Monday to Friday.



Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Courses can also be held at your venue on request.



Courses are held throughout the year based on demand.

Please contact us to request a start date.



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