Business English

Intercultural Communication Skills

In today’s work environment many of us are finding ourselves working with different people from different cultures.  While this cultural diversity can enrich the working environment, intercultural communication can sometimes create a challenge for those who are unable to interpret and understand other people correctly.


Intercultural commuication skills programs are customised according to the needs of your organisation.  Programs can include –


– management development training

– individual coaching sessions for managers, supervisors and team leaders

– small group workshops


Programs are aimed at assisting employees to work successfully together with colleagues or clients from different cultural backgrounds.  Participants will explore the elements of culture and cultural diversity and learn how to assess the impact of culture on their own and others’ performance.  By understanding cultural difference, participants will develop their cultural awareness and learn how to implement approaches that create positive results between individuals, teams and within organisations.



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What our clients say

“Thank you very much for encouraging me and guiding me throughout the course. I have learned a lot of skills and I feel my awareness of English communication has now reached a new level. I will continue to apply the skills I have learned in my daily life.” (Li, Accountant, China)