Business English

Interpersonal Communication Skills


FOR MANAGERS AND FUTURE MANAGERS – maximise your ability to communicate and work with others with this unique program


Do you want to increase your personal and leadership effectiveness?


Do you want to maximise your ability to communicate with others?


Do you want to improve your interpersonal skills and your interpersonal relationships with other people?



In this program participants will learn techniques that enhance clear communication to improve their interpersonal relationships with others.
Clear communication and good interpersonal skills are essential in all areas of our personal and business lives.   In this program you will explore not only the way you are communicating using spoken language, but also HOW you are communicating in your relationships with other people.    Conveying a clear verbal message is one aspect, but it is equally important to have social awareness skills to enable you to interact smoothly at a non-verbal level.


Each participant will extend their spoken communication skills as well as explore the key features of their personal style that influence their approach to tasks, the ways they interact with other people and how this affects their performance at work.


Comprehensive individual communication evaluations are included in this program.


Custom designed to meet the needs of each individual, this program will help to increase the participant’s effectiveness when working with or leading other people.


Course Content


– spoken communication

– non verbal communication

– leadership

– teamwork

– work style

– problem solving

– dealing with pressure

– influencing others

– change management

– networking



This flexible course is designed to suit your particular needs and can be conducted via the following training modes:-


– one-to-one training

– workshops

– weekly coaching sessions

– face-to-face

– online training



To enrol or for more information, please contact us.




What our clients say

“Thank you very much for encouraging me and guiding me throughout the course. I have learned a lot of skills and I feel my awareness of English communication has now reached a new level. I will continue to apply the skills I have learned in my daily life.” (Li, Accountant, China)