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Accent Modification Coaching for Employees


Do you have employees who speak English as a second language?


Would your company and the individual benefit from developing clear English pronunciation?


Employees have achieved at least 50% improvement in their accent with this accent modification program!




– improved workplace efficiency

– enhanced professional image

– eliminate language barriers

– increased employee retention and satisfaction

– more effective communication with customers and clients



– increased self esteem and confidence

– more career opportunities

– enhanced relationships with colleagues, superiors and clients

– improved performance in job interviews

– improved communication skills in professional and social situations


In this training course each participant will receive a full speech evaluation.  A program will be specifically designed to meet their individual needs. They will then participate in 12 individual sessions with a certified accent coach.  These sessions are conducted via live/online teleconferencing, organised at a time to suit their workplace requirements.



Client Testimonies


“The course was great, it gave me confidence and all the practical tools I needed to improve my English and reduce my accent. Proof of this was the 3 or 4 unsuccessful job interviews I had prior to the course. After only half of my accent reduction course was completed I went for another interview which was successful thanks to the personalized teaching methods and genuine commitment that made the course very enjoyable and effective. I had asked several other companies prior to finding AEI, each of them told me it was impossible to get results without lessons in person, however my accent coach at Australia English Institute tailored the programme to my specific requirements regardless of the fact that I lived in a remote area and we could not meet face to face. Thanks again for your dedication, help and patience!” (Mr Acosta, Agronomist, Columbia)


“The accent reduction course has improved the pronunciation of my daily vocabulary. It has made me aware of the importance of language in communicating with other people especially in my sales job. It has now given me the confidence to speak clearly”. (Ms Lai, Sales Assistant, China)


“When I had a job interview, I was given feedback that I needed to reduce my accent. That’s how and why I decided to enrol in the accent reduction program, which suited my purpose and objective. I was taught how to make correct pronunciation for each sound and how to produce and project voice effectively to listeners. I achieved more than 80% improvement comparing my accent at the beginning and end of the program. I found a job nearly at the end of the program, which played an important role in achieving the outcome.” (Mr Takeshima, Engineer, Japan)


“The program was excellent. It was designed for my specific needs and fully met my expectations. For years I wondered why my English sounded foreign, but it took only one session with my teacher to find out why. At the end of my course the difference in my sounds and intonation patterns and rhythm was most gratifying – a real confidence booster”. (Venie, Russia)

What our clients say

(received mid course) Thank you for your help with my interview practice.  My job application has been successful and I start work next week! (Mr Chua, Engineer, China)