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Applying for jobs in Australia

Do you want to get a job in Australia?

Australia’s job market is highly competitive. You can increase your chances of getting a job offer by submitting a high quality job application.

If you are applying for a job from overseas or within Australia, it is important that you follow certain protocols in your application. If you apply for a job in Australia it must be in an appropriate format acceptable to employers. For most jobs, you must submit a written application. The purpose of your application is to get an interview to meet the employer and discuss your suitability for a job.

To make sure you have the best possible chance of being selected for an interview, your written application needs to be of a high standard. It should include a cover letter and a Resume. It is important that your resume is in an appropriate format that appeals to Australian employers. It should clearly communicate vital information that is relevant to employers and leave out information that is not relevant.

Resumes should be tailored to each job application and should demonstrate your skills and attributes that apply to each individual job. A good resume should be brief, no more than four pages and should be typed on white A4 paper. It should be edited to ensure there are no errors.

In some instances you may also be required to address the key selection criteria. Each selection criteria outlines the qualities, knowledge and skills needed to do the job. It’s important that you know how to address the criteria, to give yourself the best chance of being considered for the job.

Remember, a resume is a marketing tool and is designed to sell YOU, your skills, experience and expertise. You must demonstrate to the employer that you are the best person for the job. You need to show that you can fulfil the requirements of the job and be of value to the company you are applying to.

All applications must be assessed fairly and consistently, therefore it is very important that you follow the application process and submit a good quality application that will give you the best chance of getting the job you want.

Your job application may be the first step towards obtaining a rewarding job or career in Australia. Before you submit your next job application, get some expert advice to help you achieve your work and career goals.


“The training was very supportive and helped me to gain practical knowledge about applying for jobs according to an Australian standard.  I am now much more confident about applying for work and appearing in an interview.   The overall teaching environment was very good and very useful for any candidate who is wanting to work in Australia (Mohammed, Scientist, India)



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What our clients say

(received mid course) Thank you for your help with my interview practice.  My job application has been successful and I start work next week! (Mr Chua, Engineer, China)