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ABC Online – Talkback: the meaning of work – Life Matters
What role does work play in your life?

Work can help people through bereavement and depression, and it offers a social connection.

What do you get out of work other than a paypacket? If you don’t work, what would work offer you that you don’t have now?

Are we too obsessed with work as a society and too quick to define ourselves by our job?



Career Change – Life Matters

Are you happy in your current job or do you dream of something different? Listen to these podcasts to hear from people who’ve made the move. Some have made a radical change, others have changed the way they work.



The Career Path ABC Riverina NSW

Making the best decisions for education and careers can be tough with so much to chose from. Listen to helpful hints and advice to help you through the complex options available to you after you finish school.

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(received mid course) Thank you for your help with my interview practice.  My job application has been successful and I start work next week! (Mr Chua, Engineer, China)