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Taking charge of your career



Career development is the process of managing life, learning and work throughout your life.  Career development puts you at the centre of decision making about your future.  It’s a lifelong process during which you will build and draw on your unique  experiences and capabilities.


If you want to take charge of your career and discover your purpose, then “Taking Charge of Your Career” is for you.


In this program you will develop your self awareness, discover your strengths and identify what is getting in the way of you achieving your career dreams and goals.  Designed as a tool for self empowerment, it will enhance your personal effectiveness and personal leadership.


In a series of five coaching sessions, your coach will conduct an evaluation and guide you through a range of exercises which help to build on  your strengths, discover your purpose and reach your potential.



To achieve what you want in your career, you must take action.  Act now, enrol in this program, ‘take charge of your career’ and achieve career success.




To speak with our Career Centre staff about this program, please contact us.


What our clients say

(received mid course) Thank you for your help with my interview practice.  My job application has been successful and I start work next week! (Mr Chua, Engineer, China)