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deprived (adjective)

[more deprived; most deprived] : not having the things that are needed for a good or healthy life
▪ emotionally deprived children ▪ The diet allows you to eat small amounts of your favorite foods, so you won’t feel deprived. ▪ people who are sleep-deprived [=people who do not get enough sleep]
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su·perb    (adjective)
: extremely good : excellent or brilliant in a very noticeable way
▪ a superb example ▪ wines of superb quality ▪ They’ve done a superb job. ▪ The performance was absolutely superb.
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gi·gan·tic  (adjective)
[more gigantic; most gigantic] : extremely large
▪ Gigantic [=huge, monstrous] waves were crashing on the beach. ▪ a gigantic [=immense, enormous] corporation ▪ He made a gigantic [=huge] mistake when he quit his job.

What our students say

“I am a nurse who has studied in Australia for 6 years and still I found it was very difficult to pass the IELT’s test.    I have actually struggled after trying three times, particularly with my writing.  But after receiving my lessons, my writing skills have improved dramatically. Compared with my old pieces of writing, it is now making more sense and the structure and content are more clearly outlined.  I am looking forward to doing more study with Australia English Institute.” (Xin, Nurse, China)

“A very pleasant experience.” (Min, China)