Interview Skills

Interview Skills


Are you about to attend a job interview?

Make sure you perform your best in your next job interview with this one-to-one program.


The interview is an opportunity for both the employer and the applicant to determine each others’ suitability. While interviews can be daunting, thorough preparation is essential and can greatly impact on your performance.

Effective interview preparation links an understanding of yourself and your abilities with research about the role and the company.  This will help you to determine your competitive edge, and enable you to demonstrate the benefits of employing you to the interviewer.


In this program you will have 3 x one hour sessions with our Career Coach who will guide you through practical steps on how to prepare for your interview, how to answer questions,  overcome nerves and  speak with confidence.  You will work through practical tasks to help you succeed at your next interview.  Email support prior to your interview is included.


Read these success stories:-

“I am pleased to share the wonderful information I received this morning in regard to my interview that you assisted me with. I am the successful candidate! I was full of confidence about the job and managed to answer all of the questions with the same confidence.   Our preparation and practice have assisted me in a big way, stabilising my confidence and in answering the given scenarios.  I’ll officially start my new position as from next Monday.”  (Mr P)


“The course was great, it gave me confidence and all the practical tools I needed.   Proof of this was the 3 or 4 unsuccessful job interviews I had prior to the course. After my course was completed I went for another interview which was successful thanks to the personalized coaching methods and genuine commitment that made the course very enjoyable and effective. Thanks again for your dedication, help and patience!” (Mr Acosta, Agronomist)


Can you afford to be missing out on work opportunities?

Get this essential interview coaching now to help you be successful at your next interview.


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To help you be more successful at your next interview, here are some useful tips:-

1.  Carry out research about the organisation. You can do this by researching on the internet or reading their annual reports. This will help you address questions such as – “Why do you want to work here?” – “What do you know about our company?”


2.  Research the role you are applying for to understand its purpose.   You can do this by carefully reading the job advertisement, position description and selection criteria.  This will help you relate your answers to the role.


3.  Prepare questions you anticipate being asked. These are usually related to the selection criteria for the position. Consider how you will answer these questions. Prepare examples that demonstrate your experiences, strengths and achievements.


4.  Prepare the questions you will ask at interview. Concentrate on relevant and well considered questions that show your enthusiasm for the role.


5.  Practice role-playing the interview with someone you trust.


6.  Ensure you know where you are going for the interview, how you are going to there and make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time.


7.  Presentation is a key factor in making a good impression. Dress conservatively and attend to your personal hygiene.


8.  Check who is on the panel and memorise their names, positions and their stake in this position.


9.  If you are anxious about the interview, do whatever relaxation methods help you to de-stress. If you are well prepared, you will feel more confident and relaxed and therefore have less anxiety!


10. Take any documentation that you think may be required (ie your resume, licenses, examples of your work, academic transcripts).


11. Remember first impressions are crucial. Greet everyone you meet in a friendly manner.


12. Ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewers and be aware of your non-verbal behaviour.


13. Listen carefully, try to be confident and positive throughout the interview.


14. Be focussed on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you.


15. Thank the interviewer/s for their time and if you are interested in the position, make sure you communicate this.


16. After the interview, reflect on and evaluate your performance.


17. Send a thank you note after your interview. This makes you stand out from other applicants and helps the employer to remember you for the position you applied for, or for any other potential opportunities that may arise with the company.



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Our career coaches are professional members of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), a national organisation of professionals in the career development industry which ensures that our services meet the highest professional standards



What our clients say

(received mid course) Thank you for your help with my interview practice.  My job application has been successful and I start work next week! (Mr Chua, Engineer, China)