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General English


General English course is for anyone who would like to rapidly improve their communication skills in English.


Suitable for graduates, professionals, mature adults and anyone wanting to improve their general language skills.  Lessons are designed to meet your individual needs.
With one-to-one lessons, you will:
•    make rapid progress in a short time
•    gain confidence in using spoken English in everyday situations
•    improve pronunciation skills
•    improve your listening comprehension skills
•    improve your reading and writing skills
•    expand your vocabulary
•    develop fluency in grammar




Student Feedback


I really recommend this 1:1 program, because the teacher was nice and flexible in planning the lessons to suit my needs.  It was also very different from the normal classroom teaching, which was in my opinion better and not so boring because I could see all the sights of the city and learn English pronunciation at the same time.


(Alexandra, Student, Germany)


It was wonderful learning from you and I am so pleased we can keep in touch.  I really had a good time and I have come a long way with your kind help.  I just would like to say thank you so much for your teaching in the English language.   (Chukpe, Student, Nepal)


The teaching was very good and it helped me to understand the work more easily.   My teacher made learning enjoyable and it made me want to study, do my homework and learn more.  Lessons were always fun and not boring.  

(Prasit, Horticulturalist, Thailand)


My teacher was very good and kindly took the time to invest in me and my learning.   I appreciated the support I received even after my study was complete. Thank you for your help.  (Shimon, Businessman, Israel




What our students say

“I am a nurse who has studied in Australia for 6 years and still I found it was very difficult to pass the IELT’s test.    I have actually struggled after trying three times, particularly with my writing.  But after receiving my lessons, my writing skills have improved dramatically. Compared with my old pieces of writing, it is now making more sense and the structure and content are more clearly outlined.  I am looking forward to doing more study with Australia English Institute.” (Xin, Nurse, China)

“A very pleasant experience.” (Min, China)